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Job Seekers: Get Noticed by ‘Executive Search Recruiters’

Executive Search Recruiters, or ‘head-hunters’ as they are often known, are like most professionals, generally pretty busy people often with a number of high profile search mandates underway at any given time. On a daily basis they may receive significant volumes of...

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Answer this ONE question to land ANY job!

Is there such a thing as a 'magic' question when interviewing for a job, or even when you are hiring someone to join your team? What if you could ask or answer this one question to land any job, or ensure you are hiring the very best candidate? Yes, that question is...

Competency Based Interview Questions

Hello, this is Paul from Wright Executive. I'm often asked by candidates and job seekers about the best way in which they should prepare for job interviews. Many of the candidates I work with often haven't come across the concept of behavioral based or...

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5 Hiring Pitfalls when Engaging a Recruitment Company

Every once in a while you will need to hire a new team member. Maybe someone decides to leave for pastures new, maybe it’s a maternity leave cover, or perhaps or you are expanding the team? Are you aware of the hiring pitfalls you may face? 'Caveat Emptor!' (buyer...

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Want a Pay Rise or a New Job?… Well Talk To Your Boss!

Too many Job Seekers want a new job as they feel underpaid, under valued and generally unhappy with their current employment earnings. The easy option for them is to look for a new job, but unfortunately these job seekers generally end up moving company for the wrong...

Executive Recruiters Blog

What exactly do you think you are worth? – Employment Value

What exactly do you think you are worth? Or in other words, what is your ‘Employment Value’? No, not what salary should you expect to be paid, but what specific value can you offer a potential employer? Are you considering your future career? perhaps even looking for...