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Your Motivation When Changing Jobs

Hi, guys. Paul Simms from Wright Executive here. I’m often asked by job seekers and candidates who are considering changing jobs, what their true market worth is and if they should push for a pay raise, but my simple answer to that question generally is, “Have you spoken to your boss about this question or concern and why do you feel you deserve an increase in salary?” The important thing when considering a change in career or jobs is to ask yourself what are your true motivations for looking for a new role?

The most important things you can consider in this situation are

Number one, the job itself. Day to day, what will you be doing? What will you be getting out of bed for each morning to go to work? And the task that you will deliver, it must be something that you enjoy.
Number two, the company you work for. You know, it needs to be a company you can be proud to work for, that you can talk to your family, your friends, your colleagues, your neighbours. Everybody you know would be proud to work for that business. It doesn’t need to be the biggest company in the world or the smallest, but somewhere you can be proud to enjoy going to on a day to day basis.
Number three, the people you work with. This is highly important. Your managers, your peers, your subordinates. They all need to be people that you can enjoy spending time with, working with, and collaborating with. If not, then, you know, your daily job might become challenging.
And fourthly is money. Money is a great motivator, but it should never be the number one motivator. All the above three points need to come first.

Get the job right, get the company right, and work with the right people and you’ll rise to the top and you’ll do very well, and salaries and increments will happen in due course.

I hope that’s been useful information. For more information and further blogs/vlogs, please look at my website at www.wrightexecutive.com.au or feel free to contact me at Wright Executive.

Many thanks. Goodbye.

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Paul Simms is an executive recruiter with 19 years of experience across the Australian and UK markets. He is the founder of Wright Executive a specialist business within the Accounting and Professional Services sector. If you would like to contact Paul, please email psimms@wrightexecutive.com.au or connect via LinkedInhere

Competency Based Interview Questions

Video Transcript: Competency Based Interview Questions
Hello, this is Paul from Wright Executive. I’m often asked by candidates and job seekers about the best way in which they should prepare for job interviews. Many of the candidates I work with often haven’t come across the concept of behavioral based or competency-based interview questions or techniques. This is when a hiring client will ask you, as the job seeker, to give a very detailed account of a specific event or situation, and how you were involved, and what the outcome of that was. This often challenges candidates and job seekers. And without prior and proper preparation, this can cause them some problems during the interview.

So, I always recommend to candidates and job seekers to use the STAR technique, S-T-A-R. S stands for situation, T for task, A for action, R for results. So, the first thing you need to do is listen to the question carefully, and then when you respond, to give a very clear outline of the situation. Detail the background. Provide some context to where and when were you at the time. The task, describe the challenge and expectations, what needed to be done, and why. Then it’s the action. Talk about the specific action that you undertook. What did you do? How? What tools did you use? And lastly, the results. Explain the outcome. What was your involvement and how did you achieve a positive result and an outcome? Quantify this as best you can in dollars saved, time saved, and give a very clear account of what the overall result of the action that you took was. This will give your interviewer a very clear understanding of your ability and will put you in a stronger position to move forward.

For any further questions, please visit my website at wrightexecutive.com.au. Thank you.

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