Too many Job Seekers want a new job as they feel underpaid, under valued and generally unhappy with their current employment earnings.

The easy option for them is to look for a new job, but unfortunately these job seekers generally end up moving company for the wrong reasons, and all to often it ends in tears!

Let me show you a classic conversation I have fairly regularly when I meet a candidate for the first time

Paul: “So tell me, why are you considering securing a new job role?
Candidate: “Well I’m just not happy with my pay, I’m sure I am worth more than I am being paid currently”
Paul: “and have you discussed this with your boss or the HR team in your review?”
Candidate: “No, my boss never has time, he doesn’t want to talk about it and I’m too afraid to ask, so I think I will just move”

Moving to a new job for more money alone is a very big mistake.

To be sure that moving to a new job is the right decision, you have to remove the ‘Money’ issue first. Speak to your boss / HR team, discuss your concerns and you might just get the pay rise you desire or feel entitled to. Problem solved!

If you don’t get the rise then well you know now that you aren’t valued and perhaps it is time to move on and maybe seek a new job, but be sure to consider your options first.

So what are the most important things to consider when looking for a new job?

I believe there are four factors you must consider when looking at a new role, and they must be in this order

1) Is the new job the right ‘Job Role’?
What will you actually be doing each day? Is the day to day aspects of your job something you are skilled, qualified, experienced in doing? Is it something you want to do?

Remember, on a cold Monday morning when the alarm goes off, will you be happy to jump out of bed and head in to the office, or will you be wishing you had a better job doing something more interesting elsewhere??

2) The Company
We all have to work somewhere right? But will the company be one you can be passionate about? It doesn’t have to be Apple, or CBA or Qantas…. It could easily be a small Accounting practice in the suburbs, as long as you can be happy working there, proud and loyal.

The company you work for has to be in line with you, your values, your experience and personality type otherwise you’ll feel like a fish out of water

3) The People you work with
Every day we spend hours in the office or at work, with people who are our colleagues, bosses, and subordinates. We generally spend more time with these people each week than we do with our families and friends, so we have to like them.

This doesn’t mean that you have to be best buddies and hang out together on the weekends, but they do have to be your kind of people. You need to connect with them

Your boss needs to be someone you like, can be inspired by, you can learn from and is a good leader. Your team around you needs to be cohesive and strong with similar values and goals to you.

4) Ok, its Money!
Let’s be real, if we didn’t need to earn money, we would probably be doing something a lot more interesting most days than working?

Yes earning money is important, its one of the main reasons we work, but it should never be the number one reason for working.

I honestly believe that if you get points 1, 2 and 3 right when you change jobs, the money will come to you…. You will be happy in your role, you will succeed and you will rise to the top.

If the money isn’t quite right when you are offered a new job, then assess the Job, Company, and the People.

This is what will determine if you are making the right decision.

All to often I have seen job seekers accept a new job with big dollars but have ignored everything else, only for it to end in disaster a few weeks or months later.

If you need some guidance, give me a call!

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Paul Simms is an executive recruiter with 17 years of experience across the Australian and UK markets. He is the founder of Wright Executive a specialist business within the Accounting and Professional Services sector. If you would like to contact Paul, please email psimms@wrightexecutive.com.au or connect via LinkedIn here